Welcome to RH Custom


Welcome to RH Custom

High quality custom parts

RH-Custom is a custom manufacturer of parts for every hunter and marksmen. We take great pride in our work, and every product bought from us comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


RH-Custom is a part of RH Lego. By this we can do any custom lego manufacturing to fit your every need. Nothing is impossible in our world, it just take a bit longer.


Welcome to contact us if you have any special needs.


RH-Custom is open for business after vacation. We are working hard on getting all items back in stock again.




WARNING about www.glock-auto.com!!!!

There is a company callled www.glock-auto.com that are selling inferior glock conversions made in CHINA !!! As to the finish.. They are painted black... And they have stolen much of my website right off text and all.. They probably ship from CHINA directly aswell.

We are now restocking all stuff possible here, dummys and all conversions kit and potato tubes. 

We do not scam anybody, we have had some database trouble and some orders gone a-wall and we are trying to sort it all out. If you have outstanding orders try and mail us. We are swamped in mails but we do our best.

Regards.. Hillman/ RH Custom

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